Hi—I’m Kim Life, née Daly, re-née Westlake. I am a Global Nomad, also known as a Third-Culture Kid, which means I have enjoyed a glorious, if mildly absurd, life.

This blog started a few years ago in its first iteration as I prepared to re-visit one of the many countries I grew up in. “I shall write about this latest adventure,” I thought. And I did. But I had way too much to say, and my meandering writing didn’t always fit neatly under the category “Global Nomad Meets Pier One Imports.

So I’m zigging to an evolving effort in expression; broader, sometimes random. Zagging to include the works of some of my seriously smart and interesting friends and family.

Come along for the ride. We’re not always ‘correct’ and we tend to use the word “FUCK” a lot. I am an unabashed food snob, and the whole lot of us speak a multitude of languages and we’re not afraid to use them.

So if you’re easily offended or chronically Shoulder Chipped, run along, child. We have no time for you.

If you’ve a sense of humour and a sense of the absurd, you’re welcome here.