I’ve traveled a lot. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I’ve said that before, but to be clear: I’ve lived in a lot of places. So I’ve had the good fortune to get to know at least a little of the people amongst whom I’ve lived. Well, on a superficial farang level, at least. My point is: I knows of what I speaks (occasionally), and I’m telling you: the Lao people are quite possibly the most gentle, peaceful, and kind people I have ever met.

Over-generalizing? I’m not a completely naïve idiot—one finds jackasses wherever one goes. But in Laos, you’re going to have to look for them. It’s not like [pick your favorite city to hate here], where the jackasses are left to their own devices and just come up to you on the sidewalk and do jackass things.

In Laos—generally!—you’ve gotta be proactive in your search.

I remember a poignant moment in my childhood that has become something of a family joke (at my expense). You see, my head sweats. Not the gentle, “glowing perspiration” that one reads about in novels involving vague southern accents. Nope: my head sweats. Copiously! Always has, which explains why I’ve had very short hair for most of my life. It’s not a fashion statement; it’s self-defence!

Be nice-girls

Still bringing relief and comfort

Anyway, my head and I were out and about somewhere in Vientiane. A young girl of about my own age walked up to me, looking slightly concerned. Shyly, she reached out and gently wiped my wet brow with her hand.

That sweet encounter has stayed with me so starkly over the years.

Remember this when you have the urge to blow up about whatever it is you think you need to blow up about. You may superficially feel better for the venting, but you’ll look like a bully. Worse, you will have lost face, and that means everything in Laos. In most parts of S.E. Asia, really, but especially so in Laos.

So be nice, dammit!